September 13, 2010

The community, organizing sentiment into action, sets standards of behavior and holds each other accountable to these standards. That’s the origin of the social contract.

Our community expresses it’s sentiment in the social media space. We’ve already outlined our standards of behavior. It’s time to hold ourselves accountable to each other. Hence, #TheSocialContract

We’re going to launch a contract for us all to sign, pledging our intent to Move To Detroit. Clearly, this isn’t a legally binding contract. This is a comittment – a show of hands – an effort to organize a group of people that would move into Detroit, if only they had a network / community of friends to support them.

We’ve already got the community.

This community needs to hold itself accountable and not just be another group of people sitting and talking, but a group of action. Sure, signing an imaginary contract isn’t action – but it’s a start.

If you told 50 of your friends you were moving into Detroit, do you think they’d hold you accountable? I bet they would.

Let us help you tell more than 50 of your friends. Let us help you tell the world.

Who’s ready to sign #TheSocialContract?

  • Tom

    I think one of the challenges is that you need people within the city and new people outside of the city to both mutually agree to this. Otherwise you create a dichotomy within Detroit, perhaps one not any better than were we were 50 years ago with race relations. The other challenge is not just “living” in Detroit, but getting the city to plan for sustainable living including new development. Thoughts?

    • Stephen

      Sorry for the late reply, Tom. Out of the country currently. We want city residents on board with the concept…and we do have some city residents on board. That’s the whole idea – a community driven movement. The idea of #TheSocialContract is the digital show of hands, to demonstrate to the digital community and the Detroit community at large that the only way to affect change is action vs discussion. This idea is race neutral. It’s gender neutral. It is whomever wants to participate in the process. Likewise, We support steps that the city and other forward thinking individuals are taking to encourage the evolution of the city.