Yes, Detroit is a nice place to live

May 3, 2011
detroit skyline

Yes, Detroit is this awesome.

I was at an out-of-town wedding a few years ago and making small talk with the other people at my table. We asked each other where we were from. When I responded, “Detroit,” the gentleman looked at me and said, “Which suburb?”

It’s not an uncommon reaction. But, unfortunately, my temper usually gets the better of me, and I tend to get a little snippy when I say, “Actually, I live IN the city.” Then, two questions usually follow: “Aren’t you worried about your safety?” And, “Where do you buy your groceries?”

(For the record: Yes, just like I was when I lived in the many other cities I’ve lived in, and that’s why I’m smart about it. And Eastern Market, Honey Bee Market, and University Foods, mostly. It’s a complete myth that you can’t buy groceries in the city. And I dare say that Honey Bee Market’s fresh guacamole is the best I’ve ever tasted. Ever.)

My parents were a little nervous when I told them I was moving to the city, but they’ve always been supportive of all my crazy endeavors. And once we’d had them over to visit Mexicantown or Eastern Market’s flower day or eat Sweetwater Tavern’s wings, they warmed up to the idea of their daughter living downtown. Once we bought a condo in midtown, the deal was sealed — they loved coming to visit us.

What’s your “move to Detroit” story? How did you family and friends take the news? How have you been able to prove to them that it’s a nice place to live?

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  • Jim South London

    Live in Detroit ,Good Luck