Eastern Market to expand to Tuesdays

June 14, 2011

eastern marketGreat news for veggie lovers like myself. Detroit’s Eastern Market is trying out weekday hours, starting July 12. Hooray!

I love Eastern Market. Long before I moved to the city, I’d come out at least one weekend a month, just to wander around and take in all the veggie-ness of the market. Farm fresh eggs? Yes, please, and lots of them. (You’ll never find a more orange yolk.) A truck full of portabello mushrooms? Delicious. A giant mound of kale? I love kale!

And now, twice a week! Sometimes, I have a family event going on Saturday, or a long training session scheduled, and I just can’t make it. Usually, I can muddle through a week without the market with a trip to one of my favorite produce-heavy grocery stores. I freelanced for most of last summer, so I was also a regular at the Wayne State Wednesday Farmer’s Market, right down the street from me. Between two Eastern Market days and one Wayne State market day, I should have veggies coming out of my ears, right?

This is the first try for Eastern Market Tuesdays, so be sure to attend and show your support. They’ll begin July 12 and run through Sept. 17, and will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Shed 2. So, even if you work regular business hours, you can still swing by after work, on your way home.

As you can tell, I’m very excited about this. Will you give the Tuesday market a try, or are Saturday visits a regular part of your schedule, anyway?

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Image courtesy of Dig Downtown Detroit via Flickr