Outsiders’ attitudes ruin positive news for the city

July 28, 2011

midtown detroitIt was a big day for announcements in the city yesterday, that’s for sure. We finally get the The Announcement from Whole Foods. Somerset CityLoft opened to a preview crowd, and opens to the public today. Mayor Dave Bing announced a new organizational plan for providing city services to Detroit neighborhoods.

Of course, it didn’t take long for my “friends” to start ripping on the city on my Facebook page, especially after I posted a link to the Whole Foods announcement on my page. I’ll withhold names to protect the guilty, but my friend who lives in the Howell area posted this: “If the place isn’t stripped of copper before it’s done.” That was followed by a few comments from a friend who lives in the White Lake area: “I give the place a year before they shutter for underperformance. I could go into reasons but they would not be nice.”

Of course, there was nothing to be said about the new shopping center, or even other good news in the city, like how the Tigers are (barely) holding out their first-place spot in the division. It always comes back to two things: Detroit is full of copper thieves, and no one in Detroit could really appreciate something as nice as a Whole Foods (assuming it will be nice, of course). No one will shop there, and the people that do will just steal everything, of course.

Does anyone else get as mad about this attitude as I do?

I know for a fact that neither of these two friends has actually lived in the city. I know one comes to visit occasionally to see a Tigers game, but I don’t know about the other. So is it just plain ignorance? They don’t want to venture off the perceived safety of I-75 and Comerica Park and see what else the area has to offer beyond a ballgame and drunks wandering around Greektown?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but tell me what you think. What do you do when people hate on your beloved city?

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  • Detroit

    Time to purge your facebook friends.

  • Smoore0621

    Pure ignorance!

    I have never lived in Detroit but will be relocating very soon. There are people surviving and having great experiences living in Detroit just like  any other state. You can have a list of the negatives as well as the positives. There are people who will always state the worst first and they will never be apart of a positive change in the areas they so freely give their opinion on. I have heard it all about what’s going wrong in Detroit. Well, for me it made me want to go even more because I know I can make a difference in someone’s life. There are so many opportunities to give back and help. So I am so excited about the move. Keep sharing the good, at the end it will always overshadow the bad. :)

    • Fred Derf

       Uh, Detroit is a city.

  • Smoore0621

    Oh yeah! YESSSSSSS on the Whole Foods! I asked my fiance if Detroit had a Whole Foods and he said maybe in the suburbs but not in Detroit. Just what I was looking for!

  • Carl TheTechguy Brooks

    Unfortunately, Metro Detroit is the only area in the country that takes pride in killing itself. Any other metro area in the country strive to build up the region; our sad souls look at ways of destroying it – one word at a time. Not many people under fifty have any negative personal experience to remotely justify their anti-city, anti-black, anti-Metro Detroit views. It is just plain ignorance that is sadly spread on just about any social or media site that allow comments to be attached. Hopefully the younger generations will lost this cancerous and self-destructing behavior and be able to enjoy the richness of our area, our resources and yes – our differences. Wake up Metro Detroit!