We are spoiled by Eastern Market

August 9, 2011

detroit eastern marketI had an out-of-town wedding on Saturday, and it took up my whole day. As a result, I didn’t get to go to my beloved Eastern Market, as I usually do late morning or early afternoon on Saturday.

Sadness — no kale. No collard greens. No naturally grown carrots. No farm-fresh eggs. (And I eat a lot of eggs.) No hustle and bustle of people walking around, enjoying the day, mentally planning out their menus for the rest of the week. No lattes, no sausage. It was a pretty boring morning, actually.

But, I knew that although Eastern Market is amazing, there are other markets in the area, on both Saturdays and Sundays. After a quick search of the state’s farmers markets, I zoned in on one within reasonable driving distance, and persuaded my husband to go there after church on Sunday. We headed off.

It was nothing like my beloved Eastern Market. I don’t want to name names, because obviously the city and vendors work very hard to make it a success — and there were plenty of people there. But I couldn’t help looking around, thinking: “This is it?”

Friends, we are spoiled here in Detroit.

Shed after shed of fruits and veggies, fresh and cured meats, flowers. Artist with their own tables. And nearby businesses selling ice cream, pizza, cheese and nuts — yes, we are spoiled. Sure, my husband and I walked away with what we needed for the week — greens, tomatoes and a watermelon. But there was none of the bustle. No vendors yelling out their prices. Heck, I kind of missed people walking really slowly right in front of me! (OK, I didn’t. That part was nice.)

There was a story in today’s paper about how the Tuesday markets are already starting to pay off. Confession: I have yet to make it to a Tuesday market. But I plan to swing by today after work, when I have a bit of time. We need carrots, after all, and we haven’t had our Corridor Sausage in a while. It may not have all of the bustle, but it’ll surely have my favorites.

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Image courtesy of John Kannenberg via Flickr
  • Annonymous

    Hello :)  Do you ever include Hamtramck in your blogs? I know it’s a separate city but it’s totally surrounded by Detroit on all sides and is such a diverse little community with plenty of different foods, markets, halal choices, and restaurants :)