Showing off the best of Detroit to a future neighbor

August 11, 2011
detroit neighborhoods

Detroit's New Center neighborhood. We almost moved here.

Well, my raving about how much I love living in the city has rubbed off on someone else. Another friend of mine has announced that he wants to make the move.

And, he wants me to be his official tour guide.

He’s not a newbie to the city, though. Check out his blog; he talks about how for the first few years of his life, he grew up in the city, before his parents moved away in the 1980s. But he’s had plenty of jobs here, and doesn’t live far away, now. And, coming full circle, he wants to move back. Back home. And part of the reason is because of the message that is spreading that Detroit is a nice, happening, technology-focused, growing place to be.

It’s funny that my friend got his girlfriend on board the same way that my then-boyfriend, now husband, got me on board with moving to the city more than six years ago: small doses. A Tigers game. A walk around the Renaissance Center. A visit to Greektown. A trip out to Woodbridge. Volunteering at Artists Village in Old Redford. Slowly, it grew on me. And, eventually, I realized I wanted to live there.

So, when he asked me to show him around, he doesn’t really need me to show him around like someone who’s never seen the city. What he wants is someone to show him around the up-and-coming neighborhoods, where he wants to settle his family, and the restaurants, coffee shops, and other hidden gems. Everyone knows about Slows BBQ in Corktown. But do you know about Duly’s Place in Southwest? Or where to buy quality veggies during the week? Or which coffee shops take cash only?

That’s the kind of information I’m proud to say I can offer. I’ve lived downtown for three years, so I know where to go for the best wings (Sweetwater, no contest) and the best burger (Detroiter). I’ve lived in Midtown for three years and counting, so I know where things are beyond the obvious bakeries, bars and burger joints. (Vegan food? Monster sandwiches? Running routes? Punk bars? Late-night munchies? I got them.)

If you were designated as someone’s tour guide, where would you take them? What places should we not miss — places that are off the beaten path, maybe unknown to the typical game day visitor? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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  • Smoore0621

    Thank you, Thank you for making this post. I am originally from New York, but a true Jersey girl. I was single preparing to relocate to Atlanta when my daughter graduated from high school and was off to college. I was excited about the shorter winters and the wonderful opportunties. Well, I did not know that I would meet the man of my dreams (who lives in Detroit), had no idea we would fall in love, get engaged, and plan on being married a year later. So, here I am now preparing to relocate to Detroit in January. I am excited about my new beginnings and it was refreshing to hear wonderful new about Detroit instead of many negatives comments and statements I hear on a regular.

    Thank you…… and you never know, we just may meet someday. :-)) (I may need you, LOL!) 

  • Ariadni Makriliotaki

    I’d so much like to live in Detroit! Is there a chance that we’ll have a decent life over there? With jobs and a nice home… me, my husband and our 3,5yo kid from Greece… if any info plz contact me (… be well..