The Ferndale Experience

August 2, 2012

The Ferndale Experience

During my stay in Detroit this summer, I have been trying to visit as much of the city and surrounding cities as possible. The other night, two of my friends invited me out to Ferndale. Without planning anything, they wanted to show me what Ferndale offered. Our only goal was to find a place to eat and somewhere to drink. We succeeded at both.

The Imperial –Recommended

Our first stop was at The Imperial, a fairly new taco joint on Woodward and Nine Mile. Two out of the three of us, including myself, had never been before and the place came highly recommended. We walked in around 7pm and the place was packed – a promising sign. The seating in the imperial is communal, so we sat ourselves at a picnic style table. A waiter came right over and we chose our drinks from a fairly lengthy beer selection – another promising sign. After my short experience I have described thus far, I was already a fan of the place. But, I wasn’t going to confirm my approval without first tasting the food. Everything on the menu comes a la carte and is cheap-to-reasonably priced. Since the imperial is a taco joint, I stuck to their “bread and butter” and ordered 3 tacos. Man was I happy with that decision, all 3 tacos killed. My only regret was not ordering more.

The Oakland – Highly Recommended

After leaving The Imperial, we made our way down Nine Mile to have a drink at The Oakland. It was a good thing I was with my two friends because I would never have found the place on my own. The Oakland does not have a sign on the outside of the building and their name is in very small letters on their door. They obviously don’t need to attract people by displaying a sign, as there were several groups of people already inside – a promising sign. The inside is completely black and decorated with an almost old English appeal. I dug it. Looking at the drink menu, cocktails seemed to be their specialty and I decided to try one out. At 22, I do not claim to be an expert drinker, so I basically picked the cocktail that sounded best to me in that moment. All I have to say about my selection is “Wow. That drink good.” I mean that cocktail rocked. I either was made the best random guess ever, or they are really good at cocktails. I’m going with the ladder.