A Baseball Ride

August 14, 2012

I don’t think I have mentioned, but I am a big baseball fan. My favorite team is the Chicago White Sox – a division rival with the Detroit Tigers. When I learned I was moving to Detroit, the first thing I did was look at the Tiger’s home schedule. The weekend of July 20th was then circled, highlighted, and starred because, you guessed it, the White Sox would be in town. I immediately made plans with my brother and two friends to attend the Friday night game of the series. As July approached, I started thinking about transportation to the game. Our plan was to bar hop and then somehow end up at the game before the opening pitch. That “somehow” turned into a sure thing when a friend recommended the Detroit Bus Company.
The Detroit Bus Company is an awesome answer to a “lack” of transportation in Detroit, offering both a downtown loop and an urban loop. The concept of the company was an exact answer to my plans (needs) before the game. The company offers a bus ride between bars on each loop. It turned out to be a perfect source of transportation for my bar hopping desires and, to top it off, one of their stops is Comerica Park. I literally had to waste no energy getting to the game and to bars. It was great! Oh and guess how much it cost… $5 for the whole night! You read that right, $5. Not bad at all.