The Social Contract

October 15, 2010

Declare your support for the great city of Detroit by publicly pledging your intent to move to Detroit!

(1) James Michaels
Fri, 15 October 2010 01:18:44 +0000

My family will be moving to the city in the Spring of 2011

  • Tomo

    Hey!  The guestbook is broken!  How can people declare their support?  Let me know if you need any help w/ php.

  • DetroitPocketsOfCool

    This is great.  And supported by all the cool people!

  • Michelle

    Wish that the guest book was working.  I will be moving to Detroit in May 2012 with my husband.  I found my way here while searching for info about living in Detroit.

  • Jeanene13

    I’m trying to move back to Detroit from Maryland. Looking for opportunities.

  • Brooke

    I’m moving to Detroit in May of 2013!  I NEED help finding good places to live. =(

  • Marshal Wayne

    Marshal Wayne, moving my family to Detroit in 18 months, we can’t wait!

  • Dawn Kelley

    I am moving back to Michigan (from Arizona) next June–Detroit is my first choice. Now I need a job!

  • iBUY Detroit

    I think Detroit can turn into a popular city for everyone, I manage marketing for iBUY Detroit. In the process of expanding though out Detroit/Metro area. Support the local biz! I did it for Detroit.

  • Someonenew

    Hello Everyone, Im currently interviewing for a job in Detroit and like most everyone around me is trying to talk me out of moving to Detroit. Your opinion would help ease some of my concerns….. Is Detroit on the up and up? The job would be with Rock Connections a company that is apart of the quicken loans company.

  • toby_oshea

    I am getting out of the Army in 15 months and Detroit seems to be calling for me. I have never been to the city, only hear bad but I see a place for me and what I deem important in a city. I love how everyone that has chosen to be part of Detroit and its rebirth are connected on the same level. I want to be part of it. Helps I have been a Lions fan since i was 8. I would love information on how to make a relocation there after the Army. I am 36 now and really only know the Army.